University admission, career and life counselling

University Admission, Career and Life Counseling

Thinking About University Applications? Thinking About A Career? What About A Life?

Some thoughts:

“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” – Hillary Clinton”

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

“The best careers advice to give to the young is, Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” – Katherine Whitehorn

“What is it that you like doing? If you don’t like it, get out of it, because you’ll be lousy at it.” – Lee Iacocca

“Just do what you do best.” – Auerbach, Red

We live in a confusing world. Most  parents and high school students agree  that a university education is essential to having a successful career. But, does one decide: where to go, what to study, what to do and most importantly how to prepare for a life!

University, career and life counselling seminar series – Toronto, Canada

Our next evening is:

Sunday January 30, 2011

“An Evening With Rick Hayward – Retired University of Toronto  Academic Counselor”

“Rick is the best academic counselor I have ever known.”

– John Richardson –  Author: Mastering The Personal  Statement

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