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Personal statement workshops Toronto

Personal statements, admissions essays, and/or statements of intent are a fact of life. There is no way to proceed to law school, MBA programs, Medical schools or most graduate schools without including one. In the same way that you would market yourself to a job, you must learn to market yourself to a school. The Personal Statement Workshop has been designed to help you develop your personal statement.

It will be of interest to those who are required compose any of:

Law School LSAT Application – LSAT Required

MBA GMAT Application – GMAT Required

Graduate School GRE Application – GRE may be required

Medical School MCAT Application – MCAT required

U.S. College SAT Application – SAT required

That said, we run different versions of the workshop which are targeted to the needs of specific groups.

Our Personal Statement Workshops include:

1. Personal Statement Workshop – The Law School/J.D./LL.B.  Application

2. Personal Statement Workshop – The Business School/MBA  Application

3. Personal Statement Workshop – The Graduate School  Application

4. Personal Statement Workshop – Queen’s Personal Statement of Experience

Each workshop approaches the application process from the perspective of “personal marketing.” Many applicants are qualified to enter the program of their choice. Yet some fail to gain admission and some succeed. In many cases, rejection letters are not based on the quality of the applicant. Rather they are based on the quality of the application file. This workshop will improve your “personal marketing” by enhancing every component of your application file.

This workshop includes information to help applicants systematically develop the personal statement, autobiographical sketch and other components of their application file.

Mastering The Personal StatementThe next Personal Statement Workshop is:

The Law School Application and Law School Personal Statement – Sunday Aug. 31/14  – 4:30  p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

University of Toronto – St. Michael’s College – Carr Hall – 100 St. Joseph ST. – Room 405 – $95 cash at the door

Queen’s Personal Statement of Experience Workshop – January 2013 – TBA – Note that the Queen’s PSE  is due on March 1.
University of Toronto – St. Michael’s College – Carr Hall – 100 St. Joseph ST. – Room TBA

Cost: $95.00.  (Free to Richardson LSAT, GMAT prep, MCAT prep and GRE prep course students)

We also recommend the book Mastering The Personal Statement which is available in bookstores. It is the perfect supplement to the workshop and was developed over many years by the author, and workshop facilitator, Mr. John Richardson, B.A., LL.B., J.D.  Law school applicants would also benefit from Law School Bound which includes a comprehensive law school application manual. Details at the Bookstore.

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